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Auto Repair Services


Our most important focus during the service process is to ensure the customer is completely informed about the overall condition of the vehicle, and fully understands estimated repairs prior to any work being performed.

We have many services including inspections, diagnosis, maintenance, tires and wheels. Quick and convenient service, highly qualified staff and quality repairs.

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Oil Changes

Regular maintenance oil changes are the most important service to insure your engine internal components start and run properly for a long time. Most manufactures recommend engine oil and filter changes every 8,000 KM with a basic inspection which includes fluids, filters, and tires.

Air Conditioning

Complete A/C service for automotive R-134A refrigerant systems (most vehicles) including diagnosis, component replacement, and refrigerant re-charge.

Wheels and Tires

Tires just might be the most important part on your vehicle which is why it is important to consistently monitor tire wear and condition. Our services include tire installation, balancing, and sensor warning light programming.

Wheel Alignment

How a vehicle drives and feels on the road is determined by the alignment of all 4 wheels. Wheel alignments out of specification are likely caused by worn suspension components which will cause abnormal tire wear. It is recommended to get a wheel alignment when new tires are installed.

Clutch and Transmission Replacement

We have access to multiple driveline part suppliers to find the best products at the best price for your vehilce. Our shop is properly equipped to get the job done quickly with a competitive rate. We also install used transmissions.

Safety and Pre-Purchase Inspections

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (www.amvic.org) recommends any used car being sold from a private owner should get inspected by a licensed automotive service shop to insure the purchaser is completely informed of the vehicle condition before making a purchase decision. It is also important to have a safety inspection once a year even if there are no noticeable problems with the vehicle.

Accessories and Lighting

With millions of automotive accessory products available on the market today, it is important to choose the right products for the right customer expectations. Exterior lighting upgrades provide safer vehicle operation when you can see farther in the dark night.

Engine Replacement

The costs of major engine repairs sometimes cost more than a used engine replacement. With many used engines available from automotive wreckers, it is usually the most affordable option to repair your vehicle when the engine is damaged.

Brake Diagnosis and Repair

Everyone knows how important the brakes are on your car. This is why it is critical to have a qualified service technician inspect and if necessary repair any braking components.

Check Engine and Warning Light Diagnosis

Modern vehicles have many different computer systems including Engine/Transmission, ABS/Traction control, Airbag/SRS, Tire pressure monitors, and more that have the ability to illuminate fault warning lights on the instrument display. These inform the driver that the indicated system is not operating due to a detected fault from the computer module. Warning light faults should be diagnosed and repaired with proper service information, equipment, and tools.

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